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Travel Information Aylesbury

Space Business Centre Travel Plan, Aylesbury

A Travel Plan has been prepared for Space Business Centre in Aylesbury.  The Plan is a long-term strategy with the aim of implementing change in travel patterns through reducing the dependence of occupiers on single occupancy private car travel and encouraging occupiers to make more sustainable travel choices when travelling to and from work.  This will be worked towards by increasing the awareness of occupiers of the advantages and potential for travel by more environmentally-friendly modes and introducing a package of physical and management measures that will facilitate travel by other modes.  The objectives of the Travel Plan reflect, and are intended to achieve, current Government policy in respect of transport.

Travel plan

The Travel Plan Manager for Space Business Centre Aylesbury is  Julie Constance of Stiles Harold Williams tel: 01293 441300 email:  [email protected] 

Space Business Centre, Aylesbury - Travel Information

The following links provide information on how to reach Space Business Centre by all modes of travel.

Walking and Cycling

Click here to link to walking information on the Buckinghamshire County Council website.

Click here to link to cycling information on the Buckinghamshire County Council website.

Sustrans  - a transport charity which promotes cycling and provides interactive on-line cycle maps for routes throughout the UK - simply type in a postcode or town for information.

Public Transport

Click here to link to bus timetable information on Buckinghamshire County Council website. -  rail information and timetables on National Rail Enquiries website.

Taxi Operators

Click here for to link to a website containing details of taxi operators in Aylesbury.

Car Sharing - link to Bucks Car Share website, which provides a journey matching service offering commuters the opportunity to meet others travelling similar journeys and promote taking a single vehicle between them, rather than one each.

Miscellaneous Travel Related Information

Shower facilities are provided at the Space Business Centre in Aylesbury. - link to Bike Week website promoting a national campaign to encourage travel by bicycle.

For general enquiries and comments contact Buckinghamshire County Council at County Hall, Walton Street, Aylesbury, HP20 1UA.  Telephone: 0845 2302882, email: [email protected]

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